Managing the transportation of hazardous materials with disruptions and uncertainties

Given the harmful nature of Hazardous materials (Hazmats), the corresponding transportation and storage processes are always associated with substantial levels of risks. Targeting the real-world circumstances with disruptions and uncertainties, the proposed research aims to seek alternative and adaptive solutions for proper locations of Hazmat facilities, suitable assignment of customers to active sites, and efficient routing plans from both cost and risk perspectives. More practical and realistic considerations are brought to the model by additional time-variant assumptions, including the customer service time restrictions, different traffic densities and speeds over different hours of the day, as well as transportation risks and cost caused by different departure times. The main purpose of this research is to gain a better understanding of the existing transportation networks, and to facilitate relevant shareholders, such as the government and carriers, to manage the hazmat transportation and emergency response.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ginger Ke


Saeed Tasouji Hassanpour


Husky Energy Inc


Resources and environmental management



Memorial University of Newfoundland



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