Manufacturing the smart Acoustical/Thermal Insulation (ATI) ceiling tile with recycled plastic for building applications

Global population and economic growth increase the demand for more buildings and, thus, more construction materials. Increases in the production of construction materials also lead to greenhouse gas emission rise and depletion of natural resources. Therefore, by increasing the awareness of the reduction of non-renewable sources, more resource-efficient and sustainable waste management is required. Moreover, attributes of the building elements have a significant impact on energy consumption to maintain comfortable room temperatures. Besides, in an open or closed office, classroom, cafeteria, patient room, hospital lobby, and nurse station noise control is critical. Hence, in all residential and commercial buildings, thermal and acoustic insulation parameters are essential. For this purpose, we are developing the Acoustical/Thermal Insulation (ATI) tile, which can be used in the wall and ceiling at any residential and commercial building. ATI tiles developed by composite materials made entirely from renewable resources that have properties capable of serving in a specific application. This is a very lightweight product with having a competitive price in the market. ATIs consist of one outer skin sandwiching an inner core made of insulating material. Together they form a tile that is flexible in design and color.

Faculty Supervisor:

Savvas G Hatzikiriakos


Mahta Vishkai


TARAS Composite Technology Ltd


Engineering - chemical / biological




University of British Columbia


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