Mapping Building Conditions – perhaps a bit more – for what purpose

Despite advancement in asbestos education and knowledge, there remains a shortcoming in area of management of asbestos exposure, which results in human health impact. This shortcoming was documented in a study carried out in Minneapolis, Minnesota (Alexander et al 2012). Alexander and colleagues examined the population exposed to asbestos and looked into evidence of lung changes consistent with asbestos exposure. Their investigation demonstrated a strong relation between asbestos exposure due to poor detection and management practices, and measurable human lung modifications. Unfortunately, despite the invested efforts to reduce asbestos exposure, Ontario still allows the import and utilization of asbestos products (2013, April). The goal of this research project is to target issues concerning accurate classification of ACM conditions, thereby improving the well-being of workers health, and hence preventing future harm from asbestos. This project is in partnership with ECOH Management Inc. The industry partner is interested in developing a hazard mapping system that will assist in visually identifying the position and extent of contamination imposed by asbestos containing materials (ACM) on asbestos abatement projects. This project seeks to develop a miniature mapping system that can be used in dictating potential risk to construction workers’ health, as well as to understand the modes/mechanism of actions of these asbestos-like fibers in order to make better informed risk assessment and regulatory decisions. The industry partner, ECOH Management, is interested in developing a mapping system that will help expand the knowledge of identified ACM on site and thereby assist the industry partner in making better informed decision.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Roberta Fulthrope


Beenish Hassan


ECOH Management Inc.


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry


University of Toronto



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