Mapping Engineering Development Process Improvement

Integrating human factors (HF) considerations into the design of production systems can improve productivity and quality results while reducing injury risks to system operators. The researchers are currently conducting an action research study with Canadian electronics manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) to improve their production system design process (PSDP) and thereby their production systems by integrating human factors (HF). One of the first requirements is a clear understanding of the PSDP as a means of identifying and coordinating process improvements. Since there is no accepted approach to PSDP ‘mapping’, this project entails methodological development. Structured as a mixmethods longitudinal case study, this project will improve the Company’s understanding of the challenges to, and opportunities for integrating HF directly into production system design. Furthermore, the research team’s expertise will help the company develop customized approaches to integrating human and technical concerns into th design of new work systems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Patrick Neumann


Aileen Lim


Research in Motion






Ryerson University



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