Mapping land-based renewable energy production opportunities: a systematic approach for integrated land-use and energy planning

The initiative is best described as two interwoven threads: mapping renewable energy potentials at the landscape scale, and using these maps to engage local stakeholders in a dialogue to identify acceptable locations for particular kinds of RE development. The Project Team will use the Town of Caledon, located in the Region of Peel, and the City of Markham, located in York Region as pilot case studies for this initiative. The Town of Caledon was selected because it is a semi-rural municipality experiencing urban growth pressures that has articulated a goal to show leadership in the development of RE systems that are compatible with other land use planning objectives. The City of Markham was chosen because it has identified an objective of achieving net zero energy and carbon by 2050 as part of its municipal sustainability plan. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Kirby Calvert


Rebecca Jahns


Toronto and Region Conservation Authority


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Alternative energy




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