Mapping quantitative trait loci for disease resistance to Infectious salmon anemia in a commercial strain of Atlantic salmon

This research project is intended to take the first steps forward in breeding hardier, disease resistant Atlantic salmon. Infectious salmon anemia is a disease of Atlantic salmon that has led to millions of dollars of losses within the aquaculture industry yearly on a global scale. Through a combination of genomic data and disease trial data, the intern will be able to determine which genes confer a measurable resistance to Infectious salmon anemia. The partner organization (Cooke Aquaculture) will potentially be able to use the data generated by the intern in future breeding schemes. By knowing which genes are associated with resistance to Infectious salmon anemia, the partner organization could select breeding-stock that are known to be more resistant to the disease. This selection process would allow for reduced incidences of disease outbreaks among the aquacultural population.

Faculty Supervisor:

Elizabeth Boulding


Forest Dussault


Cooke Aquaculture Corp.




Fisheries and wildlife


University of Guelph



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