Mapping the experiences and struggles of un(der)employed Afro-Caribbean “Black” (ACB) young men in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa

This project sets out to learn how young Afro-Caribbean Black (ACB) men are supported when they utilize Youth Employment Training Programs (YETP). The study will collect information, based on the lived experiences of the young men, while also taking into account of the perspectives of YETP coordinators, Employers who work with YETP, and government and non-government funders who provide monetary support to YETP’s. The research will be situated in three Canadian Cities (Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal), which have high ACB population. The goal of this study is to understand what barriers ACB young men face when using YETP programs, but also how YETP programs provide a sense of ease for these young men to gain employment considering Black masculinity is stereotyped negatively in Western societies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jacqueline Kennelly


Warren Clarke


United Way Ottawa




Other services (except public administration)


Carleton University



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