Marine mammal behavioural responses to tidal turbine sound

The coastal marine regions of Canada are an excellent source of renewable energy. Tides and currents are predictable in space and time so ideal for tidal energy. Coastal areas with strong currents are also popular with marine mammals often providing good feeding opportunities. However little is known about how marine mammals will be affected by the presence of tidal energy developments in their habitats and because marine mammals are dependent of sound to feed and navigate the impacts of introduced sound are of particular concern. This project proposes to investigate how marine mammals behave in the presence of an operating tidal turbine and will allow SMRU Canada to provide much needed data and advice on how to develop good environmental management programs for managers in Canada and elsewhere that will allow successful tidal energy project to develop.

Faculty Supervisor:

Isabelle Cote


Frances Robertson


Sea Mammal Research Unit Canada Ltd.




Life sciences


Simon Fraser University



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