Maritime Domain Awareness: A Service-oriented Analytic Framework

Maritime situation analysis is critical for dynamic decision-making in responding to real-world situations. Rapidly unfolding situations that pose an imminent danger or threat to critical infrastructure or public safety require interactive decision-making to enable a swift response. The main objective of this project is to design a robust methodical framework for the development of intelligent systems and services for real-time anomaly detection in marine traffic, applied to large volume maritime surveillance operations. Striving for scalable and extensible solutions, the framework combines data-driven with model-driven situation analysis methods and uses a high performance maritime data warehouse as an integral part of the architecture. This is a joint project with MDA Systems Ltd. to strengthen their strategic R&D initiative to provide intelligent decision-support for Canadian Coast Guard, Canadian Space Agency, and National Defence to protect the sovereignty of Canada’s coasts, including the Arctic.

Faculty Supervisor:

Uwe Glasser


Hamed Yaghoubi Shahir


MDA Corporation


Computer science


Automotive and transportation


Simon Fraser University



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