Market Analysis and Growth Strategy for Location-based Content

This project will attempt to validate the presence of a market for location-based user generated content that users would experience with a GPS equipped smartphone. The target markets' demographics and psychographics will be identified in order to find the most appropriate ways to address the market. A marketing plan will detail the methods for connecting with potential users. Different means of monetizing this user-generated content will be researched and an appropriate method will be suggested based on compatibility with the demographic. If the market research yields a negative result about the viability of locationbased content then the information will be used to discover new ways to use the GPS technology in directions with greater market potential, or to generate new ideas attempting to solve perceived pains in the studied market. However, based on current research it is likely that there is a substantial market for location based content.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ed Bukszar


Andrew Dear


Dynamic Leap Technology Inc.




Information and communications technologies


Saint Mary's University



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