Market and Technology Roadmap Validation Framework for Software Services

Founding a technology startup company is never an easy endeavor. There are major challenges on both the technology side and the business/commercialization side. For Tutela Technologies Ltd. it appears that the commercial validation of the technologies invented is proving to be the largest challenge. The initial internship and research will focus directly on Tutela Technologies Ltd. Tutela’s case will be used to create a framework and roadmap for establishing commercializing success and focusing R&D activities. In the second internship, using the newly created framework, these validations will vary among the companies in terms of markets, specific products and technologies that in progress or already developed. The main problem that will be addressed in this internship is identifying market opportunities and strategies for commercially validating the technologies that the Tutela Technologies and some of the other Wesley Clover portfolio companies have developed. The benefit to Tutela and Wesley Clover will be the commercial success of the products and services created. There is a need to create a framework that can identify roadmaps to commercialization in order to have a financially sustainable future and successfully grow.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Brent Mainprize


Richard Egli


Tutela Technologies Ltd.




Information and communications technologies


University of Victoria



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