Marketing research for nuclear power plant refurbishment & life extension and an Establishment business strategy in targeted region

The sponsor company, Gnest Inc has plenty of experience in the consulting and design of nuclear power plant and specialized specific nuclear power engineering projects. Internship periods for 4 months can help the sponsor company to prepare for new promising fields of nuclear power engineering with specialized plan. The output of internship can help sponsor company to establish short and long term business strategy and enhance the strengths in expected or announced nuclear power plants refurbishment and life extension projects in target countries. To achieve goals the intern carry out market research of refurbishment and life extension of nuclear power, analysis of target countries nuclear power policy, analysis and list up of related projects for sponsor company, establish preparation list for new projects through discussion, business trip and researches. Then the intern finally submit marketing research for nuclear power plant refurbishment & life extension and Business strategy in Asia and South America as final report.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Gail Krantzberg


Younggew Kim


Gnest Inc.




Construction and infrastructure


McMaster University



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