Mars Methane Analog Mission Simulation


The purpose of this project is to develop the scientific knowledge to search for life on Mars. We expect signs of life on Mars to be hard to find and interpret. This project will determine the operations and science and engineering coordination needed to be performed by a micro rover equipped with scientific equipment. The basis sign of life that we are looking for is the methane gas that can be generated from micro living organisms. This project will simulate the mission in an-earth environment that best simulates Mars and the findings, hardware development will be a big assist in Canada future participation in a mission on Mars. MBP Communications are the prime contractor for this project and the research and work experience of Dr. Ala’ Qadi will be very beneficial for completion of the project. Because Dr. Qadi has both industry and research experience he can provide a different point of view for implementation of the project and cooperation with other engineers at MPB Communications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Alex Ellery


Ala' Qadi


MPB Communications


Aerospace studies


Information and communications technologies


Carleton University



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