Masonry Construction as a Solution for Healthy and Resilient Buildings: A Life Cycle Thinking Based Evaluation

This research aims at life cycle thinking-based comparison of popular wall material (i.e., wood, concrete, masonry, etc.) for institutional, commercial, and industrial (ICI) building construction in Canada. Empirical studies will be used to observe the deterioration of interior and exterior masonry wall systems in various climatic regions. Life cycle sustainability assessment would be used to evaluate social, environmental, and economic impacts. Alternative wall construction methods will be compared using a methodological framework that integrates TBL, resiliency, and occupant health. Fuzzy logic will be used to account for data uncertainties. The knowledge generated will be used to develop decision support tools, best management guidelines, and green procurement guidelines. This research will contribute to the body of knowledge on masonry construction. Moreover, this research will guide institutions in achieving a healthy and resilient ICI building stock.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rajeev Ruparathna


Kartik Patel


Masonry Worx


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure


University of Windsor



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