Mass Timber Floor Vibration Design Guide and Validation

Mass timber floors are increasingly becoming an attractive option for floor system when compared to concrete or steel floors. This is particularly significant for multi-story buildings, where floor framing represents a large amount of the buildings cost and material use. Currently, these flooring systems are largely made out of concrete or steel, so there is significant room for the use of mass timber to grow. However, unlike steel or concrete, mass timber floors are often susceptible to serviceability issues such as detection or vibration. In particular, vibration of mass timber flooring is a problem that often will limit how long floors can span. This problem is made worse by a knowledge gap in the industry; currently there is little information that designers can use to efficiently design mass timber floor systems. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Carlos Molina Hutt


Christian Slotboom


Aspect Structural Engineers


Engineering - civil





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