Material and Structural Performance of Nano-Carbon Based Ultra-High-Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete

This research aims to thoroughly evaluate a new revolutionary generation of advanced cementitious materials: CNF-UHPFRC. It is composed of several phases that target to assess this competitive material at several levels and optimize it. One of its important and distinctive aspects is to tailor its constituents, correspondingly price, for each specific application, while maintaining the outstanding mechanical strength.
Another important aspect is the material behaviour at the structural level. This will be assessed by adopting the UHPFRC material in a new seismic strengthening profile. The strengthening will be applied to an RC circular column. Promising results and superior member’s performance are expected, as well making a print in the world of material and strengthening applications.
The conducted research in all of its aspects will be able to comprehensively determine the weakness and strength points of this material, in order to address them in future research. The partner organization as a result will be able to promote this product confidently in the Canadian and international markets.

Faculty Supervisor:

Raafat El-Hacha


Marwa Ibrahim;Adel Al-Ekkawi;Benjamin Forrest




Engineering - civil




University of Calgary



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