Material Point Method Modeling of Soil Liquefaction in Cyclic Loading

Large deformation problems represent a new issue in the current Canadian engineering practice since the current numerical methods cannot adequately address these problems. Material point method (MPM) is a modern numerical technique with many potentials for applications in large deformation problems in geotechnical engineering. The main benefit of addressing large deformation problems is the estimation of risk since as an example this methodology provides the opportunity to know the run-out distance in dam failures. Also, such method gives a better knowledge to understand the failure mechanisms. The objective of this research project is to implement an advanced soil constitutive model in an MPM platform to reproduce large strains and deformation resulting from liquefaction in seismic loadings. The developed tool will then be used for analysis of a tailings dam facility, the run-out distance (consequences), and evaluation of a mitigation technique.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mahdi Taiebat


Erick Lino


SRK Consulting (Canada) Inc.


Engineering - civil


Mining and quarrying




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