Mathematical and Computational Techniques for Cytotoxicity

The study of toxicity is to investigate the adverse effects of chemical and physical agents on living organisms and biological systems, and it is an important topic in the health and environmental sciences. In recent years, Alberta researchers has made great progress and contribution towards developing an innovative toxicity profiling program, and tremendous data sets have been obtained through numerous experimental studies. The present MITACS Accelerate Cluster project will present two new approaches based on the mathematical and computational techniques to extract important information and features from the available cytotoxicity data sets. The internship trainees participated in present MITACS project not only gaining research experience by studying and solving real problems, but more importantly, they are also making valuable contributions of knowledge and technology transfer from academia to industry, health and environmental sectors in Alberta and Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Yau Shu Wong


Jian Deng, Yile Zhang & TBD


Dr. Stephan Gabos Health Consulting




Environmental industry


University of Alberta



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