Mathematical Modelling of Carbon Dioxide Removal Using Micron-sized Water Droplets in C-3 Module Process

Emission of CO2 from industrial processes contributes to global warming. Numerous technologies have been proposed to reduce the amount of CO2 released to the environment. The C-3 process, in which ~50% of CO2 in flue gas can be captured using small water droplets, shows great promise for low-cost removal of CO2. Enviro Innovate, the owner of C-3 process technology, wants to better understand CO2 capture mechanisms and the influence of operating conditions (e.g., temperature, water droplet size and velocity) on the effectiveness of CO2 removal. The objective of this research is to develop mathematical models (i.e., sets of equations that can be used in a computer program) that Enviro Innovate will use to predict the amount of CO2 removed under different scenarios. The models will account for multiple CO2 capture mechanisms and will be used by Enviro Innovate to aid future process development and optimization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kim McAuley


Nam Hoa Tran


Enviro Innovate Corporation


Engineering - chemical / biological


Environmental industry


Queen's University



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