Mathematical Modelling of Planing Hull Motions in Waves

In the marine and offshore industry, the safety of small vessels such as life boats and fast rescue crafts is a critical issue to designers, operators and regulation bodies. It concerns not only the reliable design, but also the safe training and operation. Accurate prediction of small vessel motions in waves is essential to the design process. On the training side, it is important to avoid exposing trainees to dangerous and extreme conditions. The ideal solution is high-fidelity simulation which also requires accurate prediction of vessel motion. It is, therefore, important to develop reliable and accurate tools to predict the performance of small vessels in waves. The proposed research involves the development of new mathematical models to compute motions of planing hulls. The developed numerical models will be validated and incorporated in immersive training simulators at Virtual Marine Technology for fast rescues. The research will ultimately improve the safety of life at sea.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Wei Qiu and Brian Veitch


Chao Guo


Virtual Marine Technology Inc.




Aerospace and defense


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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