Mathematical Modelling of Small Craft Motion

Simulation training is widely used in the aircraft industry to train pilots to operate aircraft. Likewise, ship bridge simulators are used to train the crews of large vessels. The efficacy of this type of training is recognized by international standards and is often required by regulations. A new application of simulation training technology is being developed by Virtual Marine Technology in co-operation with researchers at Memorial University. Specifically, they have developed immersive training simulators for small vessels such as lifeboats and fast rescue craft. The simulated environment is ideal for exposing trainees to safety critical and dangerous operations which include common in lifeboat evacuations and fast rescue craft operations. To be effective, the simulated environment must represent reality with a high degree of fidelity. This requires accurate mathematical models of complex phenomena, such as vessel motions in a seaway. This internship project deals with modelling the impact processes typical of lifeboat launching and fast rescue craft slamming when underway in waves. New mathematical models of this phenomenon will be developed, verified and validated and then incorporated in a simulation environment where it will improve the training provided to mariners. Ultimately, it will improve the safety of life at sea.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Brian Veitch


Mandeep Singh Pruthi


Virtual Marine Technology Inc.




Aerospace and defense


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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