Mathematics in Canada to 1980

The overall aim of the project is to produce a survey history of mathematics in Canada to be used as a Historical Assessment by the Canada Museum of Science and Technology. This will concentrate primarily on the period following European colonization, in both French-speaking and English‐Speaking contexts. The research team proposes to cover the period up to roughly 1980. The work is to be designed expressly to facilitate the development of museum collections on mathematics and the mathematical sciences, and will aim to identify desiderata for such collections. However, it is also expected that the report, planned for 150 pages, will serve as a free‐standing reference work on this subject for the historical research community. The intern will focus on work in English Canada, filling in gaps in earlier work by the supervisor up to 1945 and doing basic documentary work on the period 1945‐1980.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Tom Archibald


Brenda Davison and Menolly Lysne


Canada Museum of Science and Technology





Simon Fraser University



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