Mathematics Mapping project

To support the development of a developers’ toolkit for educational digital applications that use mathematics content, Erudite Science is creating a library of mathematics content and functions. Because mathematics is such a vast field, typical application functions such as search, manipulation, and inference, frequently return irrelevant results. The search process can be facilitated through the use of semantically structured resource stores. The Mathematics KnowledgeMap project will develop a knowledge representation model that offers the logic behind the organization of information for our mathematics content retrieval system. The representation model will feed into an associative index that facilitates search and information retrieval within mathematics curriculum resources. The resulting index is designed for use by Erudite Science’s content management system. The intern will perform content analysis of the mathematics curriculum documents, and contribute to the documentation and semantic graphing of the mathematical domains, learning expectations and problem constraints represented within the Ontario and Quebec mathematics curricula.

Faculty Supervisor:

Anna Sierpinska


Hadas Brandes


Erudite Science




Digital media


Concordia University



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