Measurement-based Optimal Dispatch of Distributed Energy Resources in the Power Distribution System

The integration of significant capacities of distributed energy resources (DERs) such as renewable wind and solar generation for a more sustainable energy future creates several challenges to the reliable and efficient operation of power distribution systems. These include: (i) Uncertain and intermittent nature of renewable generation compromises power quality for end-customers. (ii) Up-to-date distribution-system network topologies are not well known and their real-time monitoring is limited. As a result, effective management of DERs is challenging. (iii) Accurate DER control may require solving complex optimization problems.
To this end, the goal of this research project is to study distributed measurement-based methods to design DER management systems by developing equivalent network-sensitivity models of distribution systems from real-time measurements.

Faculty Supervisor:

Yu (Christine) Chen;Liwei Wang


Severin Nowak


Enbala Power Networks Inc





University of British Columbia



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