Measurement of Molecular Diffusion and Thermal Diffusion Coefficients in Multicomponent Mixtures

Diffusion is a molecular motion of species with respect to each other in a mixture. It can be caused by a spatial non-homogeneity of composition (isothermal diffusion) or temperature (thermal diffusion or the Soret effect). There are many important processes in nature and technology where these phenomena play a crucial role: exploitation of petroleum reservoirs and oil recovery, crystal growth, material processing, transport of biological fluids in living matter, oceanic flows, etc. The mixtures appearing in nature and industrial applications are essentially multicomponent. The prediction of mass transfer in such systems greatly relies on the knowledge of diffusion and thermal diffusion coefficients, which appear in the models describing these phenomena. The proposed project is aimed at the development and implementation of an experimental technique for measurement of transport coefficients in ternary mixtures with negative separation ratios in space.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ziad Saghir


Abdur Rahman and Aram Parsa


Canadian Space Agency





Ryerson University



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