Measurement of the Absolute phase in the Mobile Channel


The absolute phase is a new mathematical concept that can provide new information about a wireless channel. It holds great promise for extracting new information such as the location of a user, such as a cell phone without the need for GPS, etc. New theoretical work has been published which describes the mathematics of the absolute phase. Newer works, concerning some applications of the absolute phase, are under review for publication. The absolute phase has never been measured before. This proposed project is to attempt this measurement. The measurement process is very challenging.  It requires state-of-the-art equipment, as recently acquired by SFU, and new measurement techniques, which will be developed and trialed in this project. If successful, the measurements will help establish the characteristics and usefulness of the absolute phase. The applications of such new technology are promising for commercialization. The supporting company will benefit by being part of developing the measurement techniques and experiencing the measurement attempts and (hopefully!) successes. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Rodney G. Vaughan


Jinyun Ren


Nokia Products Ltd.




Information and communications technologies


Simon Fraser University



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