Measurement of the physical and thermo-physical properties of molten salts and their interactions with materials of construction

Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) represent the next generation in nuclear power reactor technology with the benefits of being non-greenhouse-gas emitting forms of power production and providing inherent safety, lower construction and operating costs and proliferation resistance. As part of the recently announced New Brunswick SMR Research and Development Cluster, Moltex Energy proposes to build their first-of-a-kind Stable Salt Reactor (SSR) at the Point Lepreau site in southwestern NB. Research and development activities surrounding the redox control for the SSR fuel and coolant salts are key to ensuring adequate corrosion and degradation rates for the materials of construction. This Mitacs supported project aims to develop the facilities and capabilities required to undertake molten salt properties and corrosion research at UNB and will support the education and training of three highly qualified professionals (HQPs) including a Post Doctoral Fellow, a PhD and a Masters student.

Faculty Supervisor:

William Cook


Jane Ferguson


Moltex Energy


Engineering - chemical / biological






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