Measurements and Modeling of Wireless Relay Channels in Urban Microcellular

This applied research engineering project is a University of Ottawa-CRC collaboration to produce knowledge applicable in the design of future wireless communication systems and networks. The collaboration gives the intern access to both CRC's technical capabilities, equipment, internationally recognized expertise in radio propagation research and radio channel modeling, along with the theoretical knowledge developed at the University of Ottawa. The research addresses both academic and industrial needs, and includes: development of radio channel measurement equipment, measurements associated with microcellular relay channels, and analysis of measured data with subsequent relay channel modeling. The project includes building multi-antenna channel sounding equipment, creating a data base containing real-world microcellular channel measurements and modeling parameters, and developing new software for design of future wireless relay systems and networks in urban microcellular environments. The work will ensure outputs of the type that can be used by Canadian industry, and will be useful to both network equipment developers (e.g. Nortel), and network service providers (i.e. Rogers).

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Sergey Loyka


Georgy Levin


Communications Research Centre




Information and communications technologies


University of Ottawa



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