Measuring Social Progress on Urban Aboriginal People: Construction and Application of a Composite Index of Quality of Life – Year Two

As Aboriginal people increasingly migrate to urban areas, it has become imperative to promote their socioeconomic engagement in the destinations. While there has been increasing research focuses on Aboriginal peoples’ quality of life (QoL) few studies explicitly measure Aboriginal people’s QoL based on a shared understanding of what QoL really means to Indigenous peoples and the government. Consequently, a meaningful conversation between the parties has not occurred to make a substantial improvement to the current status quo. Therefore, there is a need for measures of QoL that are robust, inclusive, and comparable over time and space to bridge the knowledge gap. This research project proposes to examine urban Aboriginal population’s QoL by developing a multidimensional QoL index, which is primarily based on their traditional values and beliefs, to identify common trends across individual indicators while benchmarking the overall performance of Aboriginal people. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Ken Coates


Yuzhu Liu


Happy Life Wealth Management Inc.


Public administration


Aboriginal affairs




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