Measuring Sustainability in the Supply Chain at TD Bank Group

The purpose of this project is to develop an original model for evaluating TDBFG’s suppliers on the basis of environmental, social, and/or economic criteria. TDBFG has several initiatives to implement its corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy. The research will focus on helping TDBFG align its CSR strategy with its supply chain management practices, particularly as it relates to evaluating its suppliers on the basis of sustainability criteria. It is expected teh development of the supplier evaluation model will: (1) provide a means of evaluating TD Bank Group’s suppliers on the basis of environmental, social, and economic criteria, (2) provide stronger justification for supply-related decisions, (3) help further link sustainability issues with other initiatives in the company, (4) further demonstrate TD Bank Group’s commitment to sustainability principles and (5) enhance accountability to stakeholders through the provision of greater transparency on supply chain issues. Given the increasing emphasis on corporate sustainability, the model will also provide a needed example for other organization in Canada on incorporating sustainability criteria into the management of supply chains. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Cory Searcy


Oguz Morali


TD Bank Financial


Engineering - mechanical


Finance, insurance and business


Ryerson University



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