Measuring the Contribution of Equipment to Performance: Using portable inskateinstrumentation to optimize skate boot/blade set up, training andperformance in world class speed skaters.

Evolution of the on-ice sport equipment, namely skate boots and blades, has been primarily driven by the users;
however, there is a lack of scientific evidence supporting the link between skate boot/blade design and set up as
it translates to optimal on ice skating technique and performance. We are proposing a new academic-industrialsport
research collaboration that will explore the use of unique performance measurement tools for equipment
managers, coaches, and athletes to support their expertise and augment day to day practices of skate boot/blade
set up and implementation. A series of targeted projects are being proposed to develop, validate, and implement
the use of a portable measurement device and protocol to obtain meaningful metrics of skate boot/blade set up,
technical analysis, and training that translation to producing faster skaters.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kelly Lockwood;Michael Holmes


Colin Dunne


XSENSOR Technology Corporation




Arts, entertainment and recreation


Brock University



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