Measuring the effectiveness of a novel treatment of Chronic Lateral Epicondylitis: the ArmLock sleeve.

Lateral epicondylitis is a common source of lateral elbow pain and causes restrictions in performance during daily activities as the pain increases with wrist and hand movements. It is necessary to explore new treatments that decrease the symptoms of lateral epicondylitis. We aim to investigate the effects of a new non-surgical treatment (the ArmLock Sleeve) on pain, movement, and performance in daily activities in adults diagnosed with lateral epicondylitis. We also want to investigate the acceptance of the ArmLock Sleeve by the study participants. The partner organization will benefit by having its product (the ArmLock Sleeve) validated for use by its clients. The feedback will also help the partner organization to scale up its product by marketing it to a wider range of users and/or industries.

Faculty Supervisor:

Adriana Rios Rincon;Antonio Miguel Cruz;Christine Guptill


Ann Tran


Tennis Elbow R & D Ltd.




Life sciences


University of Alberta



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