Measuring the Effects of a Cycling Program on Older Adults Living in Long-Term Care

This research will measure the effects of the Cycling Without Age program on participants by observing a variety of indicators. An existing program in a long-term care home will be observed, and 50 residents will be recruited: a biking group (n=25) who will be biked twice a week for 12 weeks and a strolls group (n=25) who will go for walks/wheelchair rides outside. Data will be harvested from the Resident-Assessment Instrument – Minimum Data Set (RAI-MDS) regarding scores from the pain scale, cognitive performance scale, index of social engagement, activities of daily living hierarchy scale, and the aggressive behavior scale. Happiness will be measured using a visual analogue scale, and the LTC QoL assessment will be used to assess QOL. The partner organization will benefit by allowing residents the opportunity to participate in more outdoor programs than offered in the past.

Faculty Supervisor:

Aleksandra Zecevic


Victoria Cotnam


Dundas Manor




Health care and social assistance


Western University



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