Mechanical and physical beneficiation of concentrates from printed circuit board processing

E-waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world in terms of volume and its environmental impact on the planet. Printed circuit boards represent a major portion of the e-waste that contains higher values. The metal fraction from the circuit boards is extracted for its value while the non-metal fraction is often landfilled. The proposed research looks into the disposal guidelines for landfills and incineration and quality requirements for being used as a filler and secondary materials source will also be studied. Technology applicable to improve the quality of the non-metal fractions will be researched that will help to identify the most appropriate route for non-metal fraction utilization realizing a zero-waste scenario and thus closing the loop and add up to the circular economy.

Faculty Supervisor:

Maria Holuszko


Amit Kumar


Ronin8 Technologies Ltd



Environmental industry


University of British Columbia



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