Mechanical characterization of valve compression packings at high temperature

The leak tightness of valves, compressors and pumps is ensured by packed stuffing-box systems. The most critical element of this assembly is the compressed braided rings called packings. These packings are compressed axially to produce lateral contact pressures large enough to confine the fluid within process vesse1s and pipe segments. The mechanical properties of the compression packing material are the main factors affecting fluid-tightness at room and high temperature and yet there is little or no data available in manufacturer’s catalogues or in the literature. lt is proposed to measure the mechanical properties such as compression modulus, Poisson’s ratio, pressure transmission ratio, short-term creep deformation and thermal expansion coefficient of packing materials. This project initiative will hopefully serve as a basis to launch a North American testing program to develop ASTM-like lasting procedures for compression packing.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hakim Bouzid


Xavier Legault




Engineering - mechanical


Advanced manufacturing




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