Mechanical design and improvement of modular Stable Vertical Lift Platform (SVLP)

Portable lifting systems and platforms are used extensively in music and movie industries for elevating both equipment and personal. An ideal system for these industries is a portable stable platform that can be transported to the desired site and reconfigured (or moved) to the necessary height with ease. The market currently lacks such highly portable stable lifting system. A modular stable vertical lift platform (SVLP) has been conceptualized in order to overcome the mentioned issues in current lifting systems. The modular SVLP has tremendous market potential in both the entertainment and movie industries. Indeed the final clients in the entertainment industries are eager about the design idea. SFP currently lacks the expertise and dedicated manpower resources to independently develop the modular SVLP system and needs the assistance of an intern through the Mitacs Accelerate program in order to successfully design and analyze their system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Krishna Vijayaraghavan


Behzad Abdi


Surrey Fluid Power


Engineering - mechanical




Simon Fraser University



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