Mechanical design of prototype down hole products, test rigs and manufacturing equipment for oil and gas sector

Down hole tools in the oil and gas (O&G) industry has long been used to increase the oil recovery and limit unwanted products like water, sand and steam. RGL is a world leader on both Sand control and Flow control products, with a focus on technology driven solutions. Various sand screens, slotted liner designs, flow control devices and shifting tools are in development in the engineering and research group. A critical understanding of the science behind the measured phenomena is pursued with fundamental research in partnership with the UofA. Applied research is conducted in house through the proLAB team, and once the research is taking shape in the form of a product, the Engineering services team engage to design and develop the product, the manufacturing methods and equipment and the process documentation.
The aim of this project is to engage students, skilled with drafting and design capabilities, to grab hold of a specific product or research area and develop the opportunity into a commercialized product, or improve the equipment and process through design changes, under the supervision of the lead Mechanical Engineer.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alex Shum


Ryan Plamondon


RGL Reservoir Management Inc.


Engineering - mechanical



Northern Alberta Institute of Technology



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