Mechanistic characterization of voltage sensor-targeted Kv7 activators

Epilepsy is a complex disorder, affecting roughly 1% of the global population. Treatments are available, but many patients (~1/3) are resistant to existing therapies, which have become economically challenging. In this project we will investigate a new class of anti-epileptic drugs that target neuronal voltage-gated Kv7 potassium channels. The intern will characterize the mechanism of action of Kv7 channel openers targeting the pore and the voltage sensor accelerating the development of therapeutics for epilepsy. This collaborative approach between Mitacs and Xenon Pharmaceuticals, the partner organization, allows for the recruitment of a highly trained expert, a post-doctoral fellow, which would be otherwise less economical. Overall, this strategic plan allows for maximum benefit to all parties by efficiently investing the resources to tackle the challenges in delivering effective therapies for patients with epileps

Faculty Supervisor:

Harley T Kurata;Ted Allison


Richard Kanyo


Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc





University of Alberta


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