Medical cannabis and cancer: A qualitative exploration.

In recent years Medical Cannabis (MC) has become a much discussed and ever-evolving topic in Canada. A growing number of studies have highlighted the medical and multidimensional benefits of cannabis. The question of the spiritual benefits of MC forms part of this holistic approach. Qualitative research on medical cannabis is limited, and most of it has explored the experiences of people who took cannabis illegally. it must be determined prescribed MC is effective in relieving the spiritual pain and counteracting the “fear factor” associated with a terminal diagnosis with regards to patients taking cannabis legally, under medical supervision, for the treatment of chronic pain. The research question of this study will be “What are the effects of cannabis on quality of life and suffering in cancer patients”, and it will be examined through descriptive semi-structured interviews (SSI) will be used to obtain qualitative data.

Faculty Supervisor:

Antonio Vigano


Konstantinos Mastorakis


Santé Cannabis




Life sciences


McGill University



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