Medium and Macro Scale Editing for the Synthesis of Facial Meshes for Video Game Applications

Ubisoft has an extensive database of 3D scanned heads. It would be convenient to use it to mix-and-match parts of characters to create new human-like character heads. Let’s say we want to adjust medium-scale features of the face, such as replacing the nose of one character with another nose. We will design an editing workflow allowing the artist to create a new nose from mixtures of noses found in the database. Also, we want to derive a workflow to edit the macro features of the face, for example to change a head from “oblong” to “square” or to adjust large regions such as the cheeks and forehead. This macro feature editing should not interfere with the medium scale features: changing the chin and jaw should preserve the shape of the mouth. We will derive approaches to ease both types of editing.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eric Paquette


Donya Ghafourzadeh




Visual arts


Information and communications technologies




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