Membrane filtration for reuse of greenhouse wastewater

Most operations of horticulture are intensive users of water and nutrients. Growers recognize the importance of water conservation and recycling, and environmental protection and significant research dollars have been invested to develop integrated pest-management systems to reduce pesticide use, to optimize water and nutrient use within the operation, and encourage recirculation. The proposed project seeks to evaluate membrane filtration to treat and re-use irrigation water runoff, leachate, and other nutrient rich wastewaters. This technology has the potential to cost-effectively reduce water and nutrient use on the farm and eliminate or greatly reduce environmental impacts. It will be evaluated for effectiveness, cost/benefit, advantages, disadvantages, and suitability for different production systems. While this project is directed towards small and medium greenhouse operations and container nurseries, other groups producing high nutrient wastewater will benefit from the information derived.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Hongde Zhou


Bei Wang


Soil Resource Group






University of Guelph



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