Merging calculus learning with mobile devices: calculus practice app

This project will partner a student intern in graduate mathematics with the development team at Mathtoons Media Inc., an educational technology company in the business of creating mobile learning applications. Learning and academic practice is migrating away from traditional textbooks and webwork and toward mobile devices. The varying physical constraints of these devices post a significant challenge to the creators of mobile digital math practice applications. Questions which cover complex, high level topics within Calculus require significant alteration to fit properly within the scale of a small, handheld device. And yet, emerging research indicates students prefer to practice mathematics on handheld devices. This project will research the steps required to rapidly scale calculus questions to read and deliver well on various handheld devices within an “app experience” while still maintaining proper pedagogy with respect to the choice, sequencing and illustration of these questions. This provides a novel approach to current students learning.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Shawn Wang


Yipin Guo


Mathtoons Media Inc.






University of British Columbia Okanagan



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