Merging traditional and scientific knowledge in assessing wildlife health in relation to mining

As part of the environmental assessment of the prospective Blackwater Mine in British Columbia, New Gold mining company is implementing a ?Country Foods Monitoring Plan? to address concerns voiced by First Nations communities over the safety of traditional food sources in anticipation of new mine development and operations. The overall goal of my proposed work is to develop a culturally appropriate participatory wildlife health monitoring program that can be collaboratively implemented by mining companies, government and First Nation communities. It is the philosophy that this program will merge two ways of knowing about animal health. It will merge both scientific and traditional knowledge for the monitoring animal health. This project will help further develop New Gold?s Country Food?s Monitoring Plan. New Gold?s collaboration will not only fortify its position as a leader in progressive mining practices, but can also help to build better relationships between the mining industry and Aboriginal people.

Faculty Supervisor:

Malcolm Scoble


Doron Rocky Lis


Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations




Management of companies and enterprises


University of British Columbia



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