Metallisation of Fiber Glass Imbedded Polyamide 6-6 : Impact Modeling and Effect of Spray Angle on Deposition Efficiency

Cold Spray is an established coating additive manufacturing process. Centerline has the opportunity to establish itself in a very large worldwide market if they can improve the ability of their cold spray process to metallize polyamide 6-6 substrates with enhanced deposition efficiency.
The overall general objectives are twofold: 1) Analyze experimentally the cold spray process bonding mechanism of aluminum particles on polyamide 6-6 substrates, under spray conditions used in the proof of concept phase and use these results to validate a finite element model of the impact process to be used to gain more insight into the impact process physics and 2) determine the effect of the spray angle on the process deposition efficiency.
Ultimately, the results could lead to improvement of the manufacturing process deposition efficiency resulting in a cheaper and greener process opening an extremely large market for Centerline SST products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bertrand Jodoin


Maryam Razavipour


Centerline Ltd.


Engineering - mechanical


Advanced manufacturing




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