Methodology Research on Business Process Reengineering with a Neutral Information Model of ERPs

McCoy recognizes U of A’s capability in engineering informatics and has approached U of A to conduct a joint research program to investigate a methodology applicable to McCoy’s unique business practice nature for implementing a new enterprise resources planning system. The most challenging research aspect of novelty is the requirement of a neutral information model that is to be developed in support of the transition from the existing ERP to the future system with the minimum data reengineering effort. McCoy and U of A would like to leverage MITACS Internship Cluster Program to anchor this joint research effort. Under this program, over a period of 2 years, 12 intern units are planned for three graduate students. The key benefits for McCoy Company are the development of a well investigated methodology framework and the manpower knowledge fusion and training throughout the project. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Yongsheng Ma


Hongyi Liu, Jingxing Wei, Yanan Xie, Luis Campos, Narges Sajadfar




Engineering - mechanical




University of Alberta



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