Methods for Network Service Recovery in Large Scale Failure Scenarios

The objective of this research is to develop methods for protection and restoration of critical infrastructure and services in face of large scale failures resulting from natural or man-made disasters, multiple equipment failures, or security attacks.  The impact of such failures on Ontario’s ever-increasingly wired economy can be enormous, and the proposed solutions so far have been costly and inefficient. Therefore, exploring more efficient solutions could provide many benefits to critical service providers. This proposal includes several steps toward addressing the problem, starting with a comprehensive analysis of various scenarios that could lead to large-scale critical service failure, performance analysis of various detection and restoration mechanisms in different layers of the network, investigating potential benefits of network coding as an emerging solution for network protection, and proposing an integrated solution for maintaining service continuity at all layers of the network. The results of this research could help protecting Ontario’s infrastructure against potential threats.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Shahram Shah Heydari


Sepideh Zarrin





Construction and infrastructure


Ontario Tech University



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