Micro-computed tomography of synthetic turf infill submitted to repeated impacts

The shock absorption properties of synthetic turf playing surfaces are mainly controlled by a granular infill composed of sand and rubber crumbs. Throughout their useful life, playing surfaces show decreasing shock absorption properties. Particle breakage, segregation, compaction and contamination with fine particles have been invoked to explain the aging of playing surfaces. In this project, CT scans of sand-rubber mixtures will be obtained after different numbers of impacts with an instrumented hammer that measures the shock absorption properties. CT scans will allow the parameters describing sand-rubber mixtures (porosity, grain size distribution, segregation) to be measured and related to shock absorption properties. CT scans will also be used to image the microstructure of real playing surfaces at the end of their useful life. After this project, the partner organization will gain insight on the causes of time-dependent infill stiffening and will be able to develop new sand-rubber recipes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jean-Sébastien Dubé


Maxime St-Jean


FieldTurf Inc


Engineering - civil






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