Microalgae for the production of plant specialized metabolites of interest – Industrial PDF Fellowship Revision

Algae-C is a company specialized in algal biomass production. It enables on-site production of algae for a wide variety of sectors (aquaculture, nutraceutical, cosmetic and biofuel). To date, many fuels, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products are extracted from plants. These valuable plant natural products (PNPs) are often produced in low quantities in plants and extraction methods can be long and expensive. Thus, there is much interest in metabolic engineering for developing microbial platforms to produce specific PNPs. Microalgae are well-known systems for plant biology and genetic engineering and are interesting and suitable hosts for the reconstitution of complex plant pathways. Algae-C wishes to translate metabolic engineering research into industrial processes. This project aims to optimized microalgae platforms for the production of valuable PNPs. These ventures are motivated by consumer demand for products that are environmentally friendly, less expensive, and possess properties similar or superior with those generated by PNPs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Isabel Desgagné-Penix;Suzanne Budge


Manel Ghribi;Liyun Ye;Daris Pazhukkunnel Simon;Elisa Ines Fantino;Bharat Bhusan Majhi




Biochemistry / Molecular biology


Professional, scientific and technical services



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