Microchannel Simulations with the Lattice Boltzmann Method

The nanofluidics and microfluidics simulations and experiments are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Such devices work on microscale to imitate macroscale operations but on a cheaper and faster basis. The good examples are lab-on-chips which perform DNA tests much faster and much cheaper than their large anologues. Thus, the reliable and robust simulations of micro devices are in high demand. One of such examples is multiphase simulations of fluid flow inside the capillaries. There are certain challenges associated with these simulations as the simulation of the hydrophobic/hydrophilic behavior, complex geometry associated with lab-on-chip deveices. The lattice Botzmann method was chosen as the appropriate simulation tool. We plan to simulate the multiphase flow of binary liquids for a bunch of parameters, as capillaries geometry, the viscosity and density ratios, etc. The results can help to obtain optimal parameters for a lab-on-chip device along with the development of the lattice Botlzmann method.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jos Derksen


Alexandr Kuzmin


Schlumberger Canada Ltd.


Engineering - chemical / biological




University of Alberta



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