Microstructure Evolution and Thermomechanical Fatigue of Service-Exposed Coke Drum Materials

There is a growing demand when it comes to the repairing of the coke drum since most of the current in-use coke drums has been in service for decades. This study will develop a new methodology to assess the microstructure evolution and thermal mechanical properties of service-exposed coke drums. The focus of experiments of this project involves high temperature fatigue test to evaluate the fatigue life of the material. Through the studying, the evolution of microstructure evolution will be better identified and understood, providing the foundation of the analysis in the future. Finally, an optimized heat treatment procedure to help in repairing of the coke drum is to be developed, which will greatly benefit Suncor in the quality of repairing and reduce the cost.

Faculty Supervisor:

Leijun Li


Zhe Lyu


Suncor Energy Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological



University of Alberta



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